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Thank you for visiting my campaign website. My name is Jeremy Walker and I am a first-time candidate for the Illinois State Senate.

I am proud to call Southern Illinois home. My wife, Jennie, and I live in Red Bud and had our first child, Grayson Glenn, in August. With the birth of our son, we are learning all too quickly what it’s going to take to raise a family in this economy and the importance of ensuring the future for families in Southern Illinois has been put into a whole new perspective.

Now more than ever, we need someone who will fight for solutions so the hard-working people here can provide for their children. I want to bring real, permanent jobs back to the hard-working families in our district and strengthen small businesses in our community. People are tired of legislators finding blame instead of answers. We need dedicated leadership to get the job done.

Again, I encourage you took look at my plan to provide A New Generation of Leadership. If you have any questions regarding our campaign or would like to donate or volunteer, please contact us. I am always eager to hear what you have to say. Your concerns are my number one priority. Thanks for your support.